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There is no question that the volunteer coaches are an essential part of our successful Recreation Sports programs. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. In order to provide the best possible environment for our children please be aware of the following four (4) coaching requirements:

1. Rutgers Safety Course
2. Background Checks & Fingerprinting are REQUIRED
3. Concussion Awareness Certification
4. Model Athletic Code of Conduct



1. Rutgers Safety Course:

As a necessary step in the process of becoming a coach, the State of New Jersey requires that a coaching certification class be taken. For further information about this class, please go to the Rutgers Safety site http://youthsports.rutgers.edu/program-areas/volunteer-coachesThen click in the right column where you see "S.A.F.E.T.Y." for the Clinic Schedule and locations of upcoming coaches' clinics in your area. 


2. Background Checks & Fingerprinting are REQUIRED:

The safest environment possible to the youth who participate in our town sports programs, The Recreation Commission has elected to institute criminal history record background checks on all potential volunteer coaches within the Recreation program. In mirroring what the Little League Association has already instituted, the Commission has taken this step to ensure that all volunteers who come in contact with our children under the direction of the Recreation Department are screened and approved for such service with children. In June of 2007 we began the process of requiring background checks for all volunteer candidates.

In order to have your fingerprints taken for these background checks, you must make an appointment to go to one of the IndentoG locations throughout New Jersey. To begin this process, please CLICK HERE.

A photo ID is required at the time of fingerprinting!!!

IMPORTANT: When you have had your fingerprints taken, please email @oldtappan.net to start the process

3. Concussion Awareness Certification:

This is a newly instituted requirement.  Candidates must take a 30 minute on-line concussion Awareness course.  Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification.  This is a one-time certification. 

please click on the following link to take this 30 minute course. Once completed, print out the Certificate of Completion and retain for your files.

 Click Here for info

4. Model Athletic Code of Conduct

Volunteer candidates must read and acknowledge the State of NJ Model Athletic Code of Conduct.  Click Here to view and print this document.  Sign, date and submit with other certifying documents when requested. 



If you have any questions or concerns contact: 
Gloria Wiesner, Recreation Director, at 201 664-1849 ext. 24