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Old Tappan Recreation - Grades 5 & 6
The fall program runs from early September until mid November.  A separate winter program runs from January to March.  The boys and girls are separated by gender and by school grades.  On weekends, they participate in games in a league with towns such as Norwood, Northvale, Harrington Park, Demarest, Emerson, Closter, and Haworth.  Boys games are on Sundays and girls games are on Saturdays in the fall and both play on Sundays in the winter.  These games are competitive and exciting to watch and play.  There are standings and a single elimination playoff system among towns.  Children are provided ample and equal playing time on the field.  Registration fees are $125 for the fall season and $125 for the winter season or $165 for both seasons combined. 

Boys Director - Craig Mahler - 
Girls Director - Anthony DiSanti -